January 2017
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Background Images for .TEL Domains

Telnic recently allowed images to be used as backgrounds on .TEL domains. They make the web pages “pop”.

Currently, the only way to insert a background image is via a third party tool such as Telmasters or TelVision. Once inserted, the background is used for all subdomains. Backgrounds must be hosted on an external server.

To [...]

Creating a Hidden Cash Game with .TEL Websites

Hidden Cash is a great way to engage your local shopping [...]

Get the Flock out of Town Game using .TEL

A new game is using .TEL websites to increase local shopping awareness. The goal for the player is to move through levels by getting rid of owls in the town. The business goal of the game is to get residents to learn about local merchant in a passive manner.

The content from local merchants’ [...]

TelNames Header Update

TelNames users now have the ability to control their “image” to the public by changing their header imagery at the top of their site.

This will allow for some sites to have a call-to-action message that will act like an advertisement. Others can make their header look similar to a Twitter page.

There are several styles:

1. [...]

Use .TEL to grow a SHOP LOCAL community

.TEL with TELNAMES is a great way to get your community to learn about local businesses. I’ve created an online game that promotes local shopping through the use of .TEL technology.

In a nutshell, residents are asked questions and find the answers on local .TEL websites.


More on this later.

Aurora Ontario Deals on the Map

The ability of Telnames owners to add coupons on their .TEL sites has allowed me to create an “app” that showcases local deals on the map. As part of local advertising, this should create additional awareness to my local customers. The mapping app is broadcast via Facebook and Twitter and will be part of a [...]

.Tel for easy contact info over the phone

Here’s a message I got from a customer…

Well, I just tried to get a client to copy my email to send me their contact info. After 5 minutes I said try typing in it will have my contact info. It did the trick!.

Murray has a long email address , and even I had trouble [...]

Garage Sales via .TEL

On Vancouver Island, Shelley Ward has been busy promoting .TEL through her Comox Valley Directory. Among her many activities, she has been promoting garage sales using the .TEL Guest Book tool. For today, she has a dozen listings posted by her visitors.

Shelley also does Comox Open House listings.

Just another way that .Tel is providing local [...]

The Business Need for Mobile Websites

The Business Need for Mobile Websites

Access to the internet through smartphones has been steadily increasing worldwide. Currently almost 70% of North American visits to business websites are through mobile smartphone users. Yet the vast majority of websites are still not configured to present content in a friendly manner to mobile visitors. Business websites must embrace [...]

Bright Ideas

I received this announcement today from , a non-profit in York Region.

Bright Ideas Adult Day Work Training Program his extremely pleased to announce that the program offered by Community Living York South had received “ACCREDITATION” through FOCUS Accreditation, this is comparable to an ISO designation, the Association through the process scored 334 points [...]